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BTI supports clients in a broad range of industries from Aerospace to Utilities. Our experienced staff has an appreciation for the unique characteristics, climates, and business pressures within each industry.  

Aerospace Engineering:  BTI works with the defense aerospace companies to reduce engineering product rework, provide for earlier detection of failing or inefficient engineering processes, and enhance program management insight and responsiveness.

Commercial Airlines:  BTI staff worked with companies within the increasingly competitive and merger-oriented commercial aerospace industry to create enterprise architectures. These architectures enable companies to analyze decisions to understand the advantages and disadvantages of policy, systems, and process choices with respect to both internal and customer-facing operations.

BTI works with leading service providers and government organizations within the financial services industry by implementing process improvement initiatives that result  in faster time-to-market for new financial services, the elimination of variability in service delivery, and enhanced visibility into the performance of human and system-centric operations.  

BTI works within the healthcare system, whether at the insurer or provider levels, to design processes that are efficient, robust in the presence of change, and adaptable to new regulatory or market drivers. The processes blend the critical focus on human interaction with the consistency, scalability, and reliability of automated systems:

Insurers: BTI staff managed process improvement teams in support of large technical programs for a top tier healthcare insurance company and directed physicians and nurses through a healthcare delivery system assessment. In addition, BTI worked with insurers to put in place processes designed to detect claim fraud.

Provider: BTI staff assisted with workflow analysis in a "mother and child" hospital unit and identified key practices that were delaying work steps and causing patient diversions.

BTI works with leading information technology solution organizations to improve and certify their IT development and delivery processes resulting in reduced development cycle times, fewer defects, and greater management visibility into the IT processes.

BTI provides training in many IT-related standards and best practices, such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®).

BTI works with retail stores to redesign and automate processes that result in improved efficiency and performance.

Convenience store chain: BTI helped redesign and automate the outlet refurbishment process used for a regional chain’s 300 stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland.  The redesigned and automated processes resulted not only in greater efficiency in returning stores to productivity but also in providing management better visibility into each store’s renovation status.

BTI works in the trenches with federal government personnel to help them improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services provided to the citizens of the United States. BTI works with many different government agencies, from the Department of Agriculture to the U.S. Intelligence Community.

BTI led the documentation of oversight procedures used in monitoring the delivery of services to Native Americans.

BTI provided technical leadership for the process improvement effort for critical intelligence community software development projects. This effort led to reduced operational IT delivery cycle-time and fewer deployed defects, while improving compliance with regulations and directives.

BTI developed a security clearance investigation case management system for a multi-agency investigation organization.

BTI helped improve the efficiency of an internal IT systems auditing function.

BTI assisted in the automation of human resource service delivery, reducing cycle time and improving employee satisfaction.

BTI supported the redesign and automation of new employee security processing, enhancing management’s visibility into the new hire clearance process and increasing cross-agency data sharing.

BTI led the redesign and automation of the import approval process to ensure that only healthy, non-invasive plant and animal species are brought into the United States.  

BTW works with utility companies to improve critical IT processes.

Water, waste, electrical, and gas utility company: BTI assisted with the analysis of three critical IT processes (project planning, risk management, and requirements management).  The results were a productivity improvement to meet their reduced budget objectives during the financial distress of 2008-2009, and an improvement in management’s visibility into a tailored earned value management system for better management of capital investments.

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