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Today's enterprise environment is based on complex interactions between co-dependent but independently designed and only partially integrated sytems.  Successfully managing service and product design, delivery, and sustainment is challenging.   BTI  helps its customers understand and make good decisions about the enterprise or systems architecture and then implement those decisions.  The key ingredient to product and service delivery success is understanding the organization's many interrelated architectures (human, service, and capital) and the performance and interdependencies of the enterprise with respect to multiple ongoing activities.


Development Operations--DevOps--is the basis for understanding and automating an organizations' systems and software development and deployment.  DevOps begins with the development of software code and continues through systems deployment, maintenance, and sustainment.  DevOps centers on the concept that the systems and software used to deliver results represent a two-way virtual chain beginning with the software and systems developers and ending with the organization's front-line representatives and customers.

BTI specializes in enabling DevOps implementation using the tools and information that an organization already has in place.  BTI's staff supports DevOps deployments in the world's most complex IT environments.  Achieving a higher level of end-to-end integration between systems and software development, systems delivery and sustainment, and business operations need not depend on renovating the entire organization or buying costly new technologies.  BTI's staff is certified by the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) as Certified Systems Engineering Professionals (CSEPs).

Process & Data Mining

Process and data mining is the extraction and analysis of process behavior models and information directly from an organization's automated systems and data trail.  Process mining provides insight into how an organization truly behaves without the cost and potential distortions of traditional document- and interview-based methods.  The benefit of process mining is to provide a high-fidelity and near-real time understanding of an enterprise's human- and systems-centric processes with little or no cost impact on the processes' functions.  Process mining creates the analytic insights needed to support DevOps, agile, process change and improvement, and enterprise architecture initiatives.

BTI is a innovation leader in systems and software development process mining.  We support some of the most complex systems and software development enterprises in the world.

Contact us to implement our process mining capabilities in support of your organization.

Enterprise Architecture Modeling

Enterprise architecture and process modeling is the development of models of an organization's data, processes, resources, and systems interactions.  Enterprise modeling's objective is providing a basis for understanding the impact of changes on the organization's systems and processes.

Enterprise modeling helps organizations become more effective, efficient, agile and durable. The immediate benefit from enterprise modeling is better understanding of how an organization's activities are related to its systems and processes.  At its core, enterprise modeling is an function that guides how to best execute the strategies that drive an organization's success.

BTI’s  staff has years of experience implementing enterprise modeling in support of our customers.  Working with an organization's internal experts, BTI collects key information, develops a model, and produces data-driven tools to help enterprise leadership gain more insight into the trade-offs inherent in each change decision.

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