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BTI consulting services is tool agnostic in that our consultants have expertise in utilizing multiple different tools in the market. However, the Metastorm/BTI partnership has enabled BTI to offer the products and licensing in addition to our services and training.  In addition, BTI identified the mobile need in the market and created the Nymbul Mobile Application to compliment BPM workflow automation tools.  


Metastorm BPM is software designed to support rapid deployment and customization of human and system based processes within and across organizations.   This BPM software addresses the full process lifecycle starting with modeling and through analysis, simulation, and continuous improvement.  The flexible architecture enables rapid and frequent process changes, supports multiple modeling and process execution standards, and makes it easy to incorporate diverse legacy applications into service-oriented business processes. The BPM Engine provides the single point of contact for all people, applications, and databases involved in the process. Large implementations typically require complex integration with multiple types of applications, databases, and systems, including legacy applications.



Business process management (BPM) is the set of activities performed by businesses to improve their processes using software tools called “business process management systems”. These software tools accelerate the modeling, management, and automation of workflows. BPM-implemented processes support an organization in monitoring the workflow, provide data as input to status indicators (for example, dashboards), guide the workflow (for example, providing the user with a menu of options at a decision point), identify and fix defects during workflow execution, and alert management to error conditions to enable analysis and modification of workflow appropriately. The major activities of BPM are process design, process execution, and process monitoring. A BPM implementation addresses people-to-people, systems-to-systems, and systems-to-people interactions.

Processes impacted by insufficient planning or that have undergone repeated organizational changes can devolve over time to include wasteful manual activities, redundant steps, obsolete gates, single points of failure, and stovepipe transactions. BTI’s seasoned team of Metastorm® BPM experts will work with you to transform your ineffective process to one that is optimized and that enhances the effectiveness of your processes.

In conjunction with a process improvement methodology, process modeling and workflow automation, all facets of an organization are aligned with respect to customer’s requirements.  The automation of the process will be a driver of the process efficiency and effectiveness. Our capabilities can help your organization:

  • Reduce administrative barriers to smooth work flow as processes cross boundaries from person to person and office to office

  • Decrease processing time by slashing your people’s wasted effort on mundane details while enhancing their decision-making capability

  • Update work procedures without having to go through expensive and time-consuming rollout and training procedures

  • Enhance management visibility into process execution to support resource management and process adherence

BTI’s professional consultants are experienced in all aspects of business process automation. BTI is a partner with OpenText/Metastorm Inc., using the Metastorm BPM Development tool. BTI can automate your processes using business process management technology, delivering results more than 24 times faster than automation through traditional software development. Think of this another way: a project that would normally cost $100,000 will cost only $4,000! Plus, BTI can deploy a solution on your servers or a low-cost solution hosted on one of our secure, distributed cloud servers. Metastorm BPM is a real-time system that alerts managers to potential opportunities impending problems and threats, and then empowers them to act.

Modeling of a process is a precursor to being able to automate it, a and automation is often one of many solutions resulting from a Lean, Six Sigma, CMMI or even a BPR effort. BTI has the expertise and the tools to implement this solution.  


Nymbul BPM is a software application that extends your existing Metastorm BPM workflow automation to iPads, iPhones, and iPods taking your business mobile.  Nymbul BPM has server and a client component that enable this capability.  The Nymbul BPM licensing is available for individual users or an entire enterprise.  The Nymbul BPM product has duel security features one on the client-side and another on the server-side for authentication to provide the security necessary for your business to go mobile.  Nymbul BPM can provide remote data access for order entry, delivery coordination and processing for a myriad of industries such as, home healthcare, immigration, insurance, real estate,etc.



The Nymbul product and service extends any workflow from a desktop to a mobile device.  Automation of mobile processes makes any workflow activity available in any location.  Workflows are no longer tied to the desk and the office. Automation of mobile workflow will, for example:

Help organizations prevent the loss of a sale to a competitor and gain new clients by checking product inventory on the spot to make a sale and provide accurate delivery dates and times. 

Enable road warriors to enter receipts from business trips at the point the receipt is generated by photographing a taxicab receipt with the mobile device’s camera, inserting the receipt photo in an expense report along with any associated time records. 

Assist an attorney to handle client matters, and authorize and handle processing of administrative matters while away from the office, thereby increasing billable hours. 

Convert processing of automobile accident claims from being handled after-the-fact by a claims adjuster to real-time processing by the insurance customer using a combination of mobile device geo-location, date-and-time stamps, photographs from the mobile device, and workflow processing.

The service offering includes configuration of the environment to support both mobile and desktop workflows, customization of the process for mobile environment, Software-as-a-Service delivery of mobile workflow capabilities through the Cloud, and product support. 

Extension of your business processes to mobile technologies reduces the need to return to the office to do paperwork and deploys workflow to where the work is actually being performed. Orders get entered instantly, information is accessible quickly, and business continues, when and where it needs to be done.


ProVision is a business process and object modeling tool that seamlessly integrates Business Process (Re)engineering and Business Object Analysis with system development. ProVision gives business and information technology (IT) specialists a common environment to (re)define, model and automate business processes and reusable business objects. ProVision includes over 41 modelers along with customizable methodology support for BPR, CMMI, Six Sigma, object oriented and structured methodologies such as BPMN, DODAF, TOGAF, Rummler-Brache, and UML; It also contains model interpreters, web-enabled publishing facility, spelling/completeness checker, model compare, and much more. ProVision translates business objects into multiple code languages.  


Enterprise architecture and process modeling is the development of models of an organization's data, processes, resources, and systems interactions.  Enterprise modeling's objective is providing a basis for understanding the impact of changes on the organization's systems and processes.

Enterprise modeling helps organizations become more effective, efficient, agile and durable. The immediate benefit from enterprise modeling is better understanding of how an organization's activities are related to its systems and processes.  At its core, enterprise modeling is an function that guides how to best execute the strategies that drive an organization's success.

BTI’s  staff has years of experience implementing enterprise modeling in support of our customers.  Working with an organization's internal experts, BTI collects key information, develops a model, and produces data-driven tools to help enterprise leadership gain more insight into the trade-offs inherent in each change decision.


Development Operations--DevOps--is the basis for understanding and automating an organizations' systems and software development and deployment.  DevOps begins with the development of software code and continues through systems deployment, maintenance, and sustainment.  DevOps centers on the concept that the systems and software used to deliver results represent a two-way virtual chain beginning with the software and systems developers and ending with the organization's front-line representatives and customers.

BTI specializes in enabling DevOps implementation using the tools and information that an organization already has in place.  BTI's staff supports DevOps deployments in the world's most complex IT environments.  Achieving a higher level of end-to-end integration between systems and software development, systems delivery and sustainment, and business operations need not depend on renovating the entire organization or buying costly new technologies.  BTI's staff is certified by the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) as Certified Systems Engineering Professionals (CSEPs).

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